Your Mindset About Conflict is the Difference in Growth & Stagnation in Your Relationships! CHOOSE GROWTH!!
You owe it to yourself to really master how to express disagreement healthily and develop truly collaborative relationships. 

When you discover how to be authentically confident in conflict, it will transform your relationships - at home, at work, in social circles and in every organization you belong to. 

Most importantly, you will get rid of the internal conflict created because you are hiding your true thoughts and feelings instead of expressing them.

Let's ...
  • Rewrite Your Conflict Story!
  • Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs About Conflict; and
  • Create an Empowering, Healthy Way of Engaging Conflict.

Meet Shannon L. Felder!

Imagine a world where different opinions, ideas and perspectives lead to expansion instead of division - where engagement, retention and productivity is maximized while drama and divisiveness is minimized. That’s the world Shannon L. Felder co-creates with leaders and their teams. 

If you are a church, corporation, organization, family or individual in need of help dealing with conflict, Shannon L. Felder is here for you.  

Are you a game changer in your field when it comes to your skills, gifting and drive who feels stuck because of drama with your supervisor or members of your team?  

Does the conflict in your personal life occupy space in your thoughts while you are trying to achieve your goals?

Then Shannon L. Felder is your conflict manager!!

 Shannon helps people navigate conflict, gain conflict confidence and create healthy conflict culture. She uses her more than twenty years of experience as an attorney and organizational leader to help people get out of unhealthy conflict and into the zone of productive collaboration.  

Here’s What People Are Saying:
What Are You Waiting For?
If you are ready to get rid of the fear, anxiety, and pressure you feel when facing conflict, this program is for you!

If you want to be able to disagree without drama and misunderstanding overtaking your relationships, this program is for you!

If you dream about having peaceful, collaborative relationships, this program is for you!

Do not miss this opportunity!

What if your Conflict Confident Transformation saves one friendship?  Stops one team member from leaving? Saves your marriage?  SAVES YOU??

It’s Your Time to Become Conflict Confident!
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